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Therapeutic shoes are covered by Medicare. So let us help you through this process. Contact us at 888-267-5422 for more details.

Why is the Therapeutic Shoe Bill right for you?

Did you know Medicare has a Therapeutic Shoe Bill? This bill enables coverage of therapeutic shoes and insoles to eligible diabetic patients (Medicare Part B). Medicare's purpose was to reduce the incidence of diabetic foot complications that resulted in expensive hospitalizations. Due to the preventative nature of this bill, a diabetic patient may qualify for shoes and inserts without a history of any foot complications. In fact, it is recommended that a diabetic shoe be worn to prevent future foot problems, as well as treat an existing condition. This is the first product ever approved by Medicare for preventive reasons. Please note: We can verify all forms of insurance such as private healthcare, Medicaid, Auto etc.

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for Medicare-funded diabetic footwear:

  1. Have diabetes (ICD-9 250.0 & 250.91)
  2. One or more of the following:
    • Previous amputation of a foot or part of either foot
    • History of foot ulceration on either foot
    • History of pre-ulcerative calluses on either foot
    • Peripheral neuropathy with evidence of callus formation
    • Foot deformity of either foot
    • Poor circulation in either foot

  3. Your certifying physician, managing your systemic diabetes condition must certify that conditions 1 & 2 are met, and he or she is treating you under a comprehensive plan of care for diabetes and that you need diabetic shoes.
If the above apply to you, then you qualify for Medicare-funded diabetic shoes.

Breathable Upper .............Lightweight ..............Meets the therapeutic shoe bill ..........


Diabetic Shoes Therapeutic Shoe Products Diabetes and Foot Care Foot care is an important part of managing diabetes to stay healthy. In fact, people with diabetes are at increased risk of serious foot problems.

By starting preventive measures early, it is possible to avoid later foot complications and enable you to maintain an independent, active lifestyle. This is why the Therapeutic Shoes and Inserts are an excellent first step toward better foot health.

At Last - A Comfortable Shoe! shoes were designed with the input of patients, professionals, and government agencies such as Medicare and the FDA. We discovered that many people with diabetes have trouble finding a shoe that is comfortable and stylish.

This is why herapeutic Shoes have balanced the need to provide the ultimate in comfort with the goal of protecting the diabetic foot. Therapeutic Shoes have extra depth to accommodate a diabetic insole that is custom fit for your foot. A rocker bottom coupled with a ridged shank that aids in realigning ground forces and encourages a normal gait.

On the inside of shoes, there is a seamless Construction for reduction in Abrasion. The upper front of the shoe is made with Lycra. This makes the shoe more breathable. Ventilation allows for normal body cooling and reduces the hot damp atmosphere which may contribute towards the development of fungus and bacteria.

More so, diabetic shoe has a reinforced toe box to protect the sensitive diabetic foot. The shoe is lightweight with a secure closure that ensures the shoe stays on to protect the foot. It is a well know fact that a person with Diabetes must pay special attention to their feet. Our diabetic shoe serves as the best measure for maintaining healthy feet. Prevention is the key.

Small foot problems can lead to more serious foot problems such as foot sores, ulcers, and even amputation. Each year in the U.S, an estimated 60,000 foot amputations are performed on people with diabetes. Through the use of diabetic footwear, an estimated 50,000 are preventable.

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