ThermalSoft Durapak hot and cold packs maintain an even temperature over the entire pad. Their soft gel contents are leak-proof and contain no liquids or dyes. ThermalSoft Durapak hot and cold packs are biodegradable, non-caustic, and, because ThermalSoft Durapaks are reusable, they save you money, too.

For heat therapy, microwave or heat the pack in water. ThermalSoft Durapaks keep their Pad-like shape even at high temperatures and will not liquefy when heated. When used for cold therapy, ThermalSoft Durapaks stay flexible when frozen. They bend to fit around treatment areas and maintain their thickness no matter how severe the bend.

Whether by accidental cuts or punctures, ThermalSoft Durapaks are 100% leak proof.

ThermalSoft® Gel Hot and Cold Packs ThermalSoft Gel packs are double-duty packs. Heat them in the microwave for heat therapy. For cold therapy put them in the freezer. ThermalSoft Gel Packs stay soft, even at freezer temperatures and retain their hot or cold therapeutic benefits for extended periods of time. The large gel pieces mold to your body to deliver soothing heat or cold therapy. Two thin layers of vinyl make these packs sturdy yet conformable to the body. All ThermalSoft Gel packs carry a one year warranty.

ThermalSoft Professional Packs ThermalSoft is a revolutionary new product for hot and cold therapy from the same pack. Place in hot tap water for 20-30 minutes. Microwave for moist or dry heat. Refrigerate for cold. For heat therapy place the pack in a towel or the custom cover and apply to the body. For cold therapy, place the white membrane directly against the skin.

ThermalSoft comes in three styles. The Professional line of ThermalSoft can be used in the clinic or for long term use in the home. The Injury Packs are more suited for short term home use. Finally, ThermalSoft has a line of products designed especially for children. ThermalSport packs have colorful sports themes imprinted on the soft fabric side. ThermalSoft for Kids feature the "Oops!" design.

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