Kinetec Centura Anatomical Shoulder CPM Machine

The ideal choice for hospital and home shoulder rehabilitation. ( HCPCS Code: E0935 )

The Kinetec Centura features a natural, anatomical motion that increases patient compliance and decreases joint stress. The post-operative passive range of motion helps prevent joint stiffness, edema, soft tissue contractures and muscle atrophy. The scapula plane movement increases patient comfort in abduction.

The Centura Anatomical Shoulder CPM also features horizontal abduction and adduction, a unique passive mode to address the critical functional motion of the shoulder. Controlled synchronized motion ensures patient safety, and the Centura can be programmed to reverse itself when excess force is exerted on the joint. Adjustable speeds and manual set-up mode provide precise, custom therapy options. The Centura Shoulder breaks down for easy transport.

Centura Elbow Module (CEM)

Enhances the versatility of the Centura Shoulder CPM. This easy-to-use module provides anatomically correct elbow extension/ flexion in an abducted position with your Centura Shoulder CPM. Change-over from an existing shoulder pattern is quick and easy; no tools required. CEM features our deluxe hand control, offering the same operational layout as Centura Shoulder, Spectra Knee, Maestra Hand & Wrist and the new Breva Ankle CPM. Pad kit purchased separately. For use with Series 2 and later Centura Shoulder CPMs. Extension 10°. Flexion 135°. Extension with fixed, adjustable Pronation/Supination in an abducted, rotated plane.



Anatomical Shoulder CPM Specifications:
Range of
Flexion: 180 degrees
Extension: 20 degrees
Abduction: 160 degrees
Adduction: 20 degrees
External Rotation: 90 degrees
Internal Rotation: 60 degrees
and Rotation
Abduction: 160 degrees
Adduction: 20 degrees
External Rotation: 90 degrees
Internal Rotation: 30 degrees
Patient Height From 4’2” to 6’6” (1.3-2m) tall
Speed 5 speeds from 30 degrees/minute to 120 degrees/minute
Weight 50 lb. (23kg)
(Set-up position)
Length: 27” (70cm)
Width: 27” (71cm)
Height: 35” (90cm)
Increases patient compliance and decrease joint stress
Scapula plane movement Provides increased patient comfort in abduction
Color-coded components Enable quick assembling/disassembling and right/left change
Quick adjustment features Enable easy and quick patient set-up
Transport handle
and wheels
Reduce potential injury for caregiver
Controlled synchronized
Ensures patient safety
Hand control
limited access
If needed, allows the patient to change only the ROM limits
Patient lock-out switch Prevents accidental program change and potential patient injury
Program mode feature Ability to pre-program sixteen protocols
Built-in hour
Discreetly monitors patient’s compliance
Manual set-up
Flexibility to set-up according to patient’s tolerances
5 speeds available for precise therapy options
Easy-to-set safety feature; machine reverses when excess force is exerted on the joint
Increases efficiency of therapy by prolonging stretch to muscle group
limited warranty
Reliability ensured
  • To restore range of motion following:
    Rotator cuff repair
    Total shoulder replacements
    Frozen shoulder
    Fractures and dislocations requiring reconstructive surgery of the clavicle, scapula, AC joint and glenohumeral joint

  Contraindications / Precautions
  • Not to be used in the presence of untreated or uncontrolled infection, unstable fractures or spastic paralysis.


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