Kinetec 6080 Elbow CPM Machine

Offers physicians and their patients the utmost in versatility by providing anatomically correct passive motion of the elbow joint with or without synchronized injuries can be avoided thanks to the lockable range-of-motion setting.

The Kinetec* 6080* Elbow CPM Machine helps to prevent stiffness and loss of motion in the elbow following surgery. This machine, which provides anatomically correct passive motion of the elbow joint, can be used in a bed or a chair.


Range of Motion: Flexion: 135 degrees
Extension: 0 degrees
Rotation: 180 degrees
Speed: 3 11 minutes
Adjustments Height Tilt (front to back and side to side)
Forearm length
Upper arm length
Passive motion
of the elbow joint,
with or without synchronized pronation/supination of the forearm
Aids in early healing and helps prevent joint stiffness
0 135 degrees range of motion Wide variety of applications
Variable speed control Progressive change in therapy
Lockable ROM setting Safety
24-volt DC system Safety
Rigid carriage Helps protect injured tissue
Base on wheels Portability
Use in bed or
More applications
UL-listed components Safety and reliability
Locking wheels Safety
24-month limited warranty Reliability ensured
UL - Listed Components Safety and reliability
TGA Listed TGA listing AUST L25606

Elbow CPM therapy is indicated for the treatment of injuries and diseases of the elbow that limit movement of the joint. Post-operative treatment using this device provides an effective deterrent to stiffness and loss of range of motion. Indications include the following:

  • Synovectomies
  • Surgical releases
  • Arthroplasty
  • Open reduction and internal fixation of intra-articular fractures
  • Contusions
  • Flexor-extensor muscle repairs
  • Burns
  Contraindications / Precautions
  • Not to be used in the presence of untreated or uncontrolled infection, unstable fractures or spastic paralysis
4621000805 Kinetec* 6080* Elbow CPM Machine W/base
4650000646 Replacement Pads
4650000654 Glove
 Instructions for use

Detailed instructions provided with product.

Cleaning Instructions

Step 1
Switch off the CPM unit and disconnect the power cord.

Step 2
Use a disinfectant product and spray on the surfaces (metal parts). Spray the surfaces continuously and avoid disinfectant running down. Do not wipe and do not rinse.

Step 3
If the surfaces are dirty, spray a first time, wipe; spray a second time and let it dry.

Step 4
Replace the soft pads for every new patient.

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